Pest Arrest is a leader in pest control in Calabasas, CA. If you suspect pests are nesting in your home, you need a local pest exterminator to take a look. Our team is in your neighborhood and here to assist with various pest control jobs.

We aim to provide the most effective and eco-friendly pest control in town, and we follow all City of Calabasas environmental standards on rodenticides. Your health, safety, and happiness with our work are our primary concerns. Our services cover the interior and exterior of your home and many pests common to the area.

We work in your crawl spaces, attics, and basements, so nowhere is safe for pests to hide. It’s not enough to eliminate the pests living in your home.

We also use preventative treatments to stop them from coming back. We complete our work with maximum attention to detail to keep your home pest-free and clean. Get long-term peace of mind when you work with Pest Arrest.