Pest Arrest provides in-depth termite inspections in Santa Clarita, CA. Did you know that obtaining a wood destroying pests and organisms (WDO) report is a requirement for most mortgage lenders in our state? When you’re looking to buy or sell your home in Santa Clarita or Valencia, consider our termite inspection service for a fast and accurate WDO report and termite-free home.

Our team are expert termite inspectors and termite technicians know the signs that these harmful insects are present. Fighting off termites protects your home’s structure and ensures your home stays strong for years to come. The presence of termites hurts your home’s value and safety. It only takes a few years for termites to decimate a house.

So, act fast if you suspect your home has a termite problem. Your home is the most expensive thing you own, and it makes sense to take care of it. Pest Arrest offers the best termite control options and termite inspections in Santa Clarita and Valencia.